Perpetua and Felicity were christian martyrs in the 1st Century CE, North Africa. Perpetua kept a diary recounting her fear, persecution, and attempted public execution by stampeding diary cows (a reference and insult to her femininity). However, she also wrote in her book about transcendence, resolution, subversion, wisdom, and, most importantly, the kinship and strength she found in her imprisonment with a likeminded friend, her servant Felicity. 


In this body of work I wanted to better understand and celebrate the universes contained in female relationships, particularly those of young, adolescent women, for whom their friendships with other girls embolden their worlds, their senses of security, and their freedom to be themselves.



"Rip. It. Harder. Next. Time."

pencil, xerox, paper, fruit bag, thread



A loose leaf book of graphic poems about growing up gurl. 

"I am lord of my castle the end." 

xerox, thread, pencil, paper



A quilted poster collage with a graphic poem about hand crafting an identity and claiming space. 

"Heather Went Up" 

airbrush on paper



An accordion book story about a young person's transformation into something unexpected

"Rip. It. Harder. Next. Time... ok?" 

sound recording


A sound recording of a journey and and down stairs, climbing and ascending, falling tripping, never giving up

"Very Good Listener" diptych




A diptych taken from a longer comic book about a girl who gradually stands and ascends a staircase over time.

"Midnight Wall"





Walls represent the barriers we build to protect our vulnerability, the partitians of compartmentalization we construct as we mature, the barriers we break down as we redefine our abilities, the feeling of otherness and othering we promote, and, most of all, the block by block construction of our identities and crumbling and erosion of social blockades as we grow up.

The cellular format of a brick wall mirrors the comic book page split into panels.