Bracelet Press

Risograph Publisher


Bracelet Press is a small publishing outfit located in Lawrence, Kansas. In 2015, we received a grant from the University of Kansas to purchase a used risograph machine. In the Spring of 2016, we brought home our riso and got to work fixing it up and making test prints.

Our goal with Bracelet is to share in independent publishing with professional, amateur, and children artists and writers from across the country. 

*to purchase a zine, or inquire about publishing your project, please email



Walk This Dot Around

A zine collection of artworks inspired by the drawing process

(bright red and blue on bright white paper, stapled, 8.5x11")

Xxavier Carter

Caer Ferguson

Brian Hawkins

Kathryn Kain

George Kaulbach

Sam McCracken

Cate Richards

Alec Smith

Sean Watroba


Jewel Factory

A zine collection of creative collaborations between artists and their young children

(bright red and blue on cream paper, spiral bound, 5.5x6")

Laura and Jovel Berman

Zachary and Henry Grant

George and G. Elliot Kaulbach

The Justin Marable Family

Joetta and Tesla Maue

Cate and Meera Richards

Benjamin Rosenthal and Zoe

Maria and Alex Velasco


Tight Squeeze Cuddle Tube

An illustrated poem, by Leigh Kaulbach

(forest green on pink paper, accordion book, 5x5")


Slimy Goodbyes

An illustrated chapbook containing 12 poems by Leigh Kaulbach

(forest green on cream paper, spiral bound, 5.5x6.5")