Youth Art

Tabor Academy Summer Program

Summer 2017

Art Head

Five 1-hour classes every day for the 6 week program

Up to twenty campers per class, ages 8 to 17

Five rotating assistant staff


Week #1: Figure Drawing

skills taught:

using charcoal

drawing a live model

gesture drawing

contour drawing


articulating balance, mass, and volume




artists studied:

Alice Neel

Vincent Van Gogh


Week #2: Printmaking

skills taught:

positive and negative

carving linoleum

mixing color

inking a plate / block

using a printing press


screen printing t-shirts & posters


artists studied:

Traditional Japanese Wood Block


Week #3: Comic Books

skills taught:

developing characters

developing narrative

using dialogue to tell a story


inking drawings

using color

saddle staple bookmaking

publishing traditions


artists studied:

DC Comics

Aidan Koch

"El Deafo" by Cece Bell


Week #4: Animation

skills taught:

history of hand drawn animation

expressive mark making


drawing movement

observing and analyzing naturalistic actions such as walking

hand drawing each cell / frame (60 total)

inking, coloring

GIF technology

constructive critique


artists studied:

Walt Disney

Lilli Carré


Week #5: Wearable Surrealist Sculpture

skills taught:

surreal art history

developing concept

building mixed media sculpture

patterning wearables


artists studied:

Salvador Dalí

René Magritte

Dorothea Tanning


Week #6: Landscape Painting & Producing an Art Exhibition

skills taught:

color theory

color mixing


atmospheric perspective and overlapping

directional light


curating & hanging an art show


artists studied:

Vincent Van Gogh


Warm Up Exercises and Just for Fun!