Perpetua and Felicity were christian martyrs in the 1st Century CE, North Africa. Perpetua kept a diary recounting her fear, persecution, and attempted public execution by stampeding diary

cows (a reference and insult to her femininity). However, she also wrote in her book about transcendence, resolution, subversion, wisdom, and, most importantly, the kinship and strength she

found in her imprisonment with a likeminded friend, her servant Felicity. 


In this body of work I wanted to better understand and celebrate the universes contained in female relationships, particularly those of young, adolescent women, for whom their friendships with

other girls embolden their worlds, their senses of security, their freedom to be themselves, and mutual understanding.


Time, Speed Up!

6 min fixed media sound piece



The Writing Is In The Wall

3 min sound piece, tulle, thread, table, speakers




Perpetual Felicity

pastel, charcoal, pencil on paper




Installation images for sound pieces