Drawing II

University of Kansas

Spring 2017

Instructor of Record


The first half of the semester focuses on still lives and figure drawing, with advanced instruction in foundational drawing techniques.

The second half of the semester explores expanded applications of drawing, particularly regarding timespace, and narrative.


Animation Project 1

skills taught for the project:

line, contour, tone, with charcoal

strategic mark making

figure drawing

basic usage of a digital camera


Adobe Premiere animation program


artists studied:

William Kentridge

Matt Bollinger



Johanna Cairns and Sabine Rischell

Animation using Charcoal and Pastel on Paper

21 Seconds



Animation Project 2

skills taught for the project:

gesture drawing

introduction to traditional, hand-drawn animation techniques

Adobe Photoshop


artists studied:

Walt Disney

Lilli Carré

Jessica Bainbridge

Hand-Drawing Animation using Ink

5 Seconds


Michaela Theis

Hand-Drawn Animation Using Graphite

6 Seconds


A Stretch

Sabine Rishell

Hand-Drawn Animation using Ink on paper

9 Seconds




Light Drawing Project

skills taught for the project:

drawing in space using a flashlight

introduction to expanded techniques in drawing

digital photography

Adobe Photoshop


artists studied:

Jeongmoon Choi

David Lebe


Kelsey Willits

Flashlight, Darkened Room, Photoshop




Narrative Drawing Project

with emphasis on space & time

skills taught for the project:

kettle stitch and pamphlet binding bookbinding techniques

narrative pacing

integrating text and drawing


artists studied:

Margot Ferrick

Anders Nilson

Raymond Pettibon

and you

by Jessica Bainbridge

charcoal, pencil, ballpoint pen, ink and brush, found materials, digital printing, thread, paper, glue

12 page 5x7" kettle stitched book


Untitled (Collected and Illustrated Strip Club Google Reviews of the Greater KC Area)

by Kelly Wood

charcoal, pencil, colored pencil, ballpoint pen, ink and brush, felt tip marker, acrylic paint, gouache, typewriter, watercolor paint,

watercolor paper, found paper, thread, book board, fabric, glue

10 page 9x9" accordion fold book


Untitled (Frog Life Cycle)

by Michaela Theis

charcoal, graphite, pen and ink, pastel, conté crayon, paper

five 9x14" drawings