This Is How We Walk on the Moon

MFA Thesis Exhibition

University of Kansas




I have two young nieces, Brynne & Autumn. Watching them build their private universe reminds me of my relationship with my older sister, Cal. I see now that sibling bonds, which feel personal, special, and insulated between sisters, are in fact heirlooms passed down generation to generation.


I honor and explore this phenomenon: the ineffability, influence, and intimacy of sisterhood. Through the use of transmissive media that rely on cooperation, including machine learning and print publishing techniques, lateral relationships are both the subject and method for making.


The gallery installation includes drawings, books, zines, projected animations, and furniture.

Mediums used include risography, xerox, screen printing, TensorFlow neural network, hand drawn animation, colored pencil, water color, digital printing, spiral binding, and wood working.


Books and zines for sale by request.

Special Thank You to Andy Kelleher Stuhl for help with the code.